The UK Youth Mobility Scheme for New Zealand citizens

The UK is the most common place for young New Zealanders to go on their OE, with more that 7,000 going every year. [1] New Zealand is also a favourite for UK citizens with over 10,000 British visiting on the New Zealand working holiday scheme each year. [2]

Vital stats

Date agreement signed: 2nd June 1999 [3]
Agreement signed by: Don McKinnon and Hubert V édrine [3]
Date agreement implemented by France: 2000?
Number of visas available for New Zealanders: TBC
Average annual quota used by New Zealanders: TBC
Processing time: TBC
Visa length: 1 year
Visa fee: TBC
Age requirement: 18-30 inclusive
Difficulty to get visa: TBC
Time allowed before entry: up to 6 Months
Can apply outside of NZ: TBC
Extra immigration steps: TBC
Work/Study restrictions: TBC

Full guide coming in January 2017

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