The Mexican working holiday agreement for New Zealanders

The working holiday agreement with Mexico is nearly 10 years old and remains one of the underutilised working holiday visas available to New Zealanders.

Quick Facts

WHV Agreement since: 7th September 2007 [1]
Agreement signed by: TBC
Date agreement implemented by Mexico: 31 March 2008 [2]
Number of visas available for New Zealanders: 200 [1]
Average annual quota used: 0-5 per year (Massively underutilised!)
Processing time: TBC
Visa length: 1 year
Visa fee: TBC
Age requirement: 18-30 inclusive [1]
Difficulty to get visa: 1/10 – Easy
Time allowed before entry: 3 months
Can apply outside of NZ: No – Visit required to Wellington Embassy
Extra immigration steps: Yes, resident card which takes 2-3 weeks.
Work/Study restrictions: TBC

Full guide coming in Jan 2017.

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