Japan is one of the pioneering countries of the working holiday scheme – first signing a working holiday agreement with Australia in 1980. Their experience with working holidays shows, as people visiting Japan on the working holiday visa will most likely get their Japanese ID printed at border control at the airport, a welcome and efficient contrast to Spain or Italy’s 3-month bureaucratic nightmare for similar IDs.

Countries with working holiday agreements with Japan are:

  1. Australia (since December 1980)
  2. New Zealand (since July 1985)
  3. Canada (since March 1986)
  4. Republic of Korea (since April 1999)
  5. France (since December)
  6. Germany (since December 2000)
  7. United Kingdom (since April 2001)
  8. Ireland (since January 2007)
  9. Denmark (since October 2007)
  10. Taiwan (since June 2009)
  11. Hong Kong (since January 2010)
  12. Norway (since February 2013)
  13. Poland (since February 2015)
  14. Portugal (since March 2015)
  15. Slovakia (since November 2015)


The Japanese working holiday visa for New Zealand citizens