The Canadian working holiday visa for New Zealand citizens

Canada is one of the few countries that allow people between 18-35 to apply for the working holiday visa, it also allows a stay of 23 months. The group the working holiday scheme under “International Experience Canada”, which also includes some other professional exchanges.

Vital stats

Date agreement signed: TBC
Agreement signed by: TBC
Date agreement implemented by Canada: TBC
Number of visas available for New Zealanders: 2,500 (Cool trick – you can check how many applications are available on the Government of Canada website)
Average annual quota used: 500-ish [1]
Processing time: 8-12 weeks
Visa length: 23 months [2]
Visa fee: CAN$100 [3]
Age requirement: 18-35 inclusive [2]
Difficulty to get visa: TBC
Time allowed before entry: 12 Months? TBC
Can apply outside of NZ: TBC
Extra immigration steps: TBC
Work/Study restrictions: TBC

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