How to get the Austrian working holiday visa for New Zealanders

Within the first year of New Zealand’s Embassy opening in Vienna in 2011, the new ambassador, Phillip Griffiths, had signed a working holiday agreement with the Austrian government.

Similar to the agreement with Singapore this visa is only for 6-months. However, the participants can work or study for the entire 6-months, which is more flexible than some other countries who have 3-month restrictions on working and studying.

Vital stats

Date agreement signed: 15th December 2011 [1]
Agreement signed by: Mag. Roland Sauer and Philip Griffiths
Date agreement implemented: 18 April 2012 [2]
Number of visas available for New Zealanders: 100 per year
Average annual quota used: TBC (1-10 estimated)
Processing time: up to 2 months (longer for VFS applications)
Visa length: 6 months
Visa fee: EUR 100
Age requirement: 18-30 inclusive
Difficulty to get visa: TBC
Time allowed before entry:
Can apply outside of NZ: No – Must apply in Auckland or Canberra in person
Extra immigration steps: TBC

  1. [1]Austria-New Zealand Working Holiday Scheme agreement English version (PDF, 22KB)
  2. [2]Austrian working holiday instructions (PDF, 145KB)