The Gap year or Overseas Experience – taking a year off (or many more) to travel and explore the world –  has become a right of passage for many young people around the world. MyWorkingHoliday.com is a resource for information on visas and other handy information.

On long term travel money, and being able to earn more, is a big consideration/concern. Having the ability to work is one influence on where to travel. While the EU has freedom of movement for its citizens, for those from a non-EU country or those wanting to travel to a non-EU country, working holiday schemes are often the easiest way of getting entry into a country with the ability to work.

There are 60 countries with working holiday schemes. Many of the schemes are well established, but some are dormant. So during 2016-2021, I plan to visit and work in 40 countries with the working holiday schemes. MyWorkingHoliday.com is becoming a collection of guides from myself and other travellers, on the best ways get the working holiday visas and how to make the most of them.

You can follow along with my travels starting here: Around the world in 40 Working Holidays


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